LIM’s Provost Search begins

Elizabeth Marcuse

Dear LIM Community:

I am writing you today to share with you very exciting news. Shortly, we will begin the search for our new Provost.

To help us, the College has engaged an executive search firm, Academic Search. Working with the search firm will be a Provost Search Committee, which will be chaired by our Dean of Admissions, Kristina Ortiz. The Board of Directors of the College identified Kristina as the right person at the College to lead this important charge. She was singled out for her knowledge of our College and because she will not be reporting to the Provost. She has an independent and holistic view of the College, its people, and its culture.

Dr. Andrea Warren Hamos, Vice President and Senior Consultant at Academic Search will visit campus on September 6 & 7 to kick off our search.  We expect the search to take approximately six months.   A few campus leaders, faculty and students may be contacted to help us with her visit. 

As I shared with you earlier this year, we have gone through an extensive analysis of the best new configuration of academic leadership. The Board of Directors of the College, Mike Donohue and I determined that the College needs a Chief Academic Officer or a Provost. Our objective is to create the optimum academic organization that will continue to move LIM College forward to the benefit of our faculty, staff and our students.  

As you know, as a result of the changes in both the fashion industry and the world of higher education, we have adopted a longer-term perspective for planning and development so that we are prepared for the future. Preparing for the future requires that we identify ways to advance our objective of continuing to be in the lead in education for the business of fashion. Recruiting the new Provost or chief academic officer is key to our sustained position of leadership. 

As we reinforced during our Core Values exploration, communications is a key component for success.  As always, I am deeply grateful for the efforts and dedication of the entire LIM College community.   I will continue to communicate with you about the progress of our search for a new Provost.

Thank you for placing our students at the center of everything we do.