General Notice

LIM College will be closed DAY OF WEEK, DATE due to the significant impact on travel in Midtown Manahattan created by the UN General Assembly. 

Updating Your Password Reset Questions


Once you login to the MyLIM intranet anytime after 3am EST on Thursday April 21, You will be brought to the screen below. 

Step 1: On the left side is the list of NEW password reset questions and inputs for your answers. You must answer all 5 questions. If you forget your password at some point in the future, you will have to answer 3 of these 5 questions chosen at random. Your answers should be both easy to remember and difficult to guess. The answers can be a minimum of 2 characters. 

Step 2: Once your answers have been entered, you MUST click on the SAVE button. 

Step 3: Thank you for completing this process. Please click the "Take me to myLIM Portal" button which will take you to the MyLIM home page.