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Middle School
Summer Lab

(Registration Is Closed For Summer 2017)

An Early Introduction to the Fashion World

July 10-14

This new Fashion Lab Program is a fun, interactive one-week summer program for middle school students, ages 11-13. Throughout a series of workshops and field trips to industry sites, students learn about key fashion business areas such as merchandising, buying, visual merchandising and styling. Classes are taught by our college faculty and industry professionals to give students a first-hand look into the fashion world.

Current undergraduate students serve as mentors and chaperones to make for a truly unforgettable experience. LIM College’s Middle School Summer Lab is a great way for passionate students interested in fashion to get a jump start on defining their career interests within the fashion industry.



Course Descriptions:


A day in the life of a Fashion Buyer and how they choose merchandise for stores

Stores rely on retail buyers to fill their shelves with clothes and accessories. Student learn a fashion buyer's role and how the buyer uses trends and chooses products to create a floor set of merchandise for customers. At the end of this fashion workshop, students create a mini-buying plan for a store. This workshop includes a field trip to a buying showroom.


Take a walk in a merchandiser's shoes and learn all about creating a fashion line

Learn all about the exciting fashion business from the inside out! During this one-day workshop, students discover how fashion trends change and styles evolve, how young fashion consumers drive the business today, and how to develop ideas for their own clothing collection. Students take a field trip to the FIT Museum to see how trends and styles have changed throughout history.


Discover what it takes to create visual merchandising concepts in a window display 

Store window design is a blend of fashion and art that is tremendously important in the business today. During this one-day summer workshop, students learn the basics of visual merchandising and create an idea for a store window. At the end of the day, students participate in a field trip to Saks and other top retailers to view visual displays, and students also create their own shadow box in our Visual Studios at our Fifth Avenue building.


Learn the ins & outs of what it takes to be a stylist

Styling is an exciting and important part of the fashion business. Students discover how stylists work with models on building a look for fashion shoots, as well as the social media involved in fashion styling. At the end of the day, students have the opportunity to conceptualize a “look” for a fashion client. This workshop also includes a field trip to a photo studio where students can see how a photo shoot with professional styling is conducted.


Guest Lectures, Field Trip and Final Presentations

Receiving first-hand knowledge about the fashion industry is vital for a fashion student. On the final day of the Middle School Summer Lab, students hear from guest lecturers about Fashion Publishing, Photography and Buying, just to name a few topics. Students then take a field trip to MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art). After lunch, parents are invited to come see the students present their final presentations.



$350 for the one-week workshop



Registration is accepted up until the first day of the program.

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