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Students participate in seminars, field trips, guest speaker series and internships to develop an understanding of their professional goals. Students will get the opportunity to meet Career Advisors and learn more about the services the Department of Experiential Education & Career Management offer. The Industry Exploration Program focuses on defining the fashion industry while helping students prepare for their first internship.

Industry Exploration Seminar - 1 credit

Students are introduced to fundamental skills such as resume writing, interview techniques and job strategies. Students will begin exploring their personal interests and abilities. This seminar also provides insight on varied career paths within the fashion and related industries. 

Industry Exploration Internship  - 2 credits

LIM College students can participate in an Industry Exploration internship during a Fall, Spring or Summer semester to gain experience in an area of interest. There are two options for this required course:

Industry Exploration Internship: Retail - Students spend 10-15 hours per week in a retail-based setting to improve their understanding of the fashion industry with a focus on where customers connect with the brand.

Industry Exploration Internship: Corporate - This internship offers students with significant retail experience a different angle to further understand the nature of the industry. This substitute option has restricted enrollment and students must apply to register. To qualify, students must provide evidence of achievements in the retail sector by completing a required application and receive approval from the Department of Experiential Education & Career Management. 

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Career Building

Through the Career Building Program, students gain insight on specific career paths and articulate their career objectives as they’re aligned with academic plans. Building off Industry Exploration, students aim to form professional objectives in their field experiences. LIM College offers seminars, guest speaker engagements, and more to develop students’ skills and abilities both academically and professionally. The Career Building Program enables students to gain meaningful internship experience related to their career goals and find their path throughout the fashion industry.

Career Building Seminar - 1 credit

This seminar expands on the fundamental skills developed in the Industry Exploration Internship. Through coursework and experiential activities, students build self-awareness and develop personalized career goals that align with their field of study within the business of fashion and related industries.

Career Building Internship - 2 credits

LIM College students complete career-building internships within different areas of interests at top fashion & related companies in NYC. Students spend 10-15 hours in a corporate or managerial setting during a Fall, Spring or Summer semester. During the internship, students learn expectations of their desired career path, as well as gain necessary skills to succeed.

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LIM College Seniors complete their co-op within a variety of areas related to the business of fashion throughout New York City. Senior Co-op consists of two parts, the Co-op prep class and the Co-op internship. Both parts are taken during one full academic year to receive a final grade for the course. 

Senior Co-op Prep - 0 credits

In preparation for Senior Co-op students will discuss career planning and self-evaluation. Students will be presented with the rules and regulation which govern the Senior Semester. Credit is deferred and awarded for Senior Co-op Prep as a portion of the final grade after Senior Co-op is completed.

Senior Co-op - 6 credits

A semester-long, full-time senior co-op internship provides students with intensive hands-on experience at a company of their choice. Per the Senior Co-op guidelines, students spend a minimum of 28 hours per week interning in fields such as buying, public relations, marketing, wholesale, and many others.

Students work with a faculty mentor to develop learning objectives and create a learning journal to illustrate progress towards the goals.

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Career Exploration

In addition to required internships, Career Exploration Internships are one-credit to increase students’ exposure to areas of the fashion, marketing and related industries that are relevant to their career goals and experience. Students are evaluated by their supervisor on meeting three job-related objectives and maintaining a learning journal to document progress towards achieving said objectives.

This course does not count toward the EECM Curriculum or graduation requirements. Registration for this course is restricted and an application must be approved in order to enroll.

To register for the course, students must have an internship placement with an offer letter. Students must schedule a meeting with their Career Advisor via Symplicity to review internship details for qualification, course requirements, and to open the enrollment process. Letters of credit are not provided until registration is complete. 

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