LIM College
Employment Rate

Within six months of graduation, 91.5%* of LIM College's Class of 2016 was employed by top companies in a variety of positions throughout the fashion business.




*The employment rate is determined by dividing the number of graduates who reported being employed into the number of graduates who completed the post-graduation employment survey. Those initially reporting unemployment at six months will be resurveyed at 12 months. Refer to our Collection Dissemination of Career Outcomes Data for more information.


The employment rate for the Class of 2016
six months post-graduation

Education Overview

The Department of Experiential Education & Career Management (EECM) helps students prepare for careers in one of today’s most exciting fields: the business of fashion. Along with interview preparation and resume and cover letter writing tips, we advise students and alumni in reviewing their interests, aptitudes and job openings. Our close personal attention to LIM College students is reflected in our outstanding post-graduation employment rates.

Each student will be required to complete 12 credits of experiential education courses broken down into three basic levels, each containing both a seminar and internship component.

The seminars are focused on developing internship and job search skills, self-exploration and professional development, along with covering a variety of career preparation topics. The internship component is comprised of an industry experience, coupled with weekly reflection classes to monitor internship progress. Each level builds upon previous experience and knowledge to further our students’ career readiness and professionalism.

  • Level I: Industry Exploration Seminar & Industry Exploration Internship (3 credits)
  • Level II: Career Building Seminar & Career Building Internship (3 credits)
  • Level III: Senior Co-op Prep & Senior Co-op (6 credits)

EECM Curriculum Details



Industry Filled with LIM Alumni

Paige, an LIM student, benefited from the College's vast alumni network as she was hunting for her first internship in the fashion industry.