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General Notice

LIM College will be closed March 16-20 for Spring Break. Classes and operations will resume remotely on March 23.

Transfer Credit Guidelines

Students who would like to transfer credits to LIM College from another degree granting institution will have their official transcripts analyzed by the Coordinator of Transfer Services according to the following guidelines:

  • Transfer credits are awarded at LIM College only when official transcripts have been submitted for review.
  • Transfer credits are awarded for grades of C or higher. (Passing grades lower than a C will be accepted for students transferring in with an associate degree.)
    • Transfer credits are not awarded for Pass/Fail grades.
  • All courses must be 100 level or above to be accepted. Remedial courses may be evaluated for English and mathematics placement.
  • Where course equivalency is evident, credit will be given for specific courses at LIM College. Courses that are not direct transfers, but similar in scope to courses taught at LIM College, may be accepted as professional or liberal arts credit. If a transfer student believes a course taken previously matches a course at LIM College but the credit was not given directly, a course syllabus should be submitted to the Assistant Director of Transfer Advising for further review.
  • Grades from other institutions do not transfer and are not used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average at LIM College.
  • The maximum number of accepted transfer credits that may be applied towards an associate degree is 31. The maximum number of accepted transfer credits that may be applied towards a bachelor’s degree is 85.
    • A maximum of 21 elective credits can be applied towards the BS degree.
    • A maximum of 24 elective credits can be applied towards the BBA degrees.
    • A maximum of 27 elective credits can be applied towards the BPS in Fashion Merchandising.
  • The number of transferred credits will determine a student’s entering academic level. 
    • Freshman: 0-27 credits
    • Sophomore: 28-58 credits
    • Junior: 54-94 credits
    • Senior: 95+ credits
  • Official transcripts received by the end of the first week of classes will be considered in setting the student’s final level for that semester. Please note, final official transcripts must be submitted for review of credit application towards your LIM degree by no later than dates indicated below. This includes your in-progress courses, between time of acceptance and when matriculation status is achieved. After matriculation, all credit appeal inquiries must be requested through the Office of the Registrar. 
    • Fall entry term applicants: October 15
    • Spring entry term applicants: February 15
    • Online students: by end of Module 1 
  • All students must be aware of the academic residency requirement.
    • For all associate degree students, a minimum of 30 credits must be completed at LIM College.
    • For BPS & BBA degree students, a minimum of 38 credits must be completed at LIM College.
    • For BS degree students, a minimum of 41 credits must be completed at LIM College.

Current LIM College students who wish to take courses at another institution must obtain permission from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs before enrolling.

Articulation Agreements  are officially approved partnerships between LIM College and other academic institutions to match coursework between schools.

Note: Transfer credits earned at institutions that operate on a quarter system or trimester calendar will be converted accordingly.