Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is here to assist you with many of your academic needs.

  • Manage all academic records
  • Process Applications for undergraduate Graduation Audits and Graduation postings
  • Graduation Audits for graduate students (MPS and MBA)
  • Process verification notifications and letters with consent from the student
  • Make changes upon request to student addresses
  • Process transcript requests
  • Act as a liaison between the academic and administrative offices

Office of the Registrar
545 5th Ave., 7th floor
Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Carolyn Disnew, College Registrar
Eugenio Chong, Associate College Registrar
Rosana Lee, Associate Registrar



The Office of Academic Advising is dedicated to providing you with academic guidance and mentoring. Our advisors are available Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to help you understand LIM College’s curriculum, graduation requirements, policies and procedures. Our Academic Advisors will also assist you with course registration, schedule changes, transfer credits and general academic questions.



In order to be considered for graduation, all students (undergraduate and graduate) must submit a current Application for Graduation Audit* during the semester in which they are registered for classes or on matriculation maintenance. 

LIM College has three graduating classes per year: January, May and August. One Commencement ceremony is held for all three graduating classes in May. August graduation is for students who have a maximum of twelve (12) course hours to complete during the summer in order to fulfill degree requirements. Note that these course hours must be among LIM College's summer offerings. Any required course(s) that LIM College does not offer in the Summer that must be taken in the Fall disqualifies the student from August graduation. Students removed from the current graduation year list must reapply for the next available graduation year and date.

Only students who submit a completed Application for Graduation Audit by the due date are guaranteed a seat at the Commencement ceremony and inclusion in the Commencement program. Neither participation in the Commencement ceremony nor inclusion in the Commencement program guarantees that a student has completed the requirements for graduation.

*An application for the Graduation Audit will automatically be sent to eligible students' LIM College email accounfrom the Office of the Registrar. For all other Commencement-related questions, please contact



Please make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to determine your eligibility to graduate.



Advisement for each upcoming semester takes place during the previous semester at a time announced by the Office of Academic Advising. All students must meet with their Academic Advisor for a pre-registration advising appointment each semester.  You must be financially cleared by Student Financial Services and have paid the registration deposit in order to register for the upcoming semester. If paying by check, the check must have cleared. All continuing students register for classes online.



You will be provided with a curriculum grid that outlines individual degree requirements for your major. You’re required to schedule appointments once a semester with your Academic Advisor to discuss programs of study and educational goals. You may visit your advisor at any time during the semester in addition to the required visit.



If you need to change your schedule, add or drop a class or have any other scheduling related issues, you must see an Academic Advisor. You cannot be admitted to a class section other than the one for which you are registered. Courses can be added or dropped during the first five days of the semester or during specified early add/drop dates. 

Withdrawal from courses at LIM College is allowed during a set time period. Refer to the academic calendar for exact start and end dates. This policy does not apply to Work Project or Senior Semester Co-op courses.



LIM College is approved for training veterans by the New York State Division of Veterans Affairs. In addition, LIM College adheres to the HEOA regulations governing readmission requirements for service members. Please see the campus Veterans Affairs representative in the Office of the Registrar for further details.



You must complete an Enrollment Verification form if you need to request a letter proving you are currently enrolled at LIM College.

If insurance companies or lenders have specific forms that need to be filled out and certified, you may bring them to the Office of the Registrar. You must fill out all personal information before submitting. You may also submit the completed form or letter to your provider or lender through your own means or it can be mailed directly by the Registrar.

Verifications cannot be processed until after the second week of classes. Processing can take five to seven business days.



Students who leave LIM College before the end of a semester must file an official Withdrawal from LIM request form.  Failure to do so results in “F” grades for all courses in that semester, thus having a negative impact on the student's grade point average. Students intending to withdraw from LIM College must see an Academic Advisor or the Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs to obtain and complete the required forms.

Students not intending to return to LIM College for an upcoming semester must speak with an Academic Advisor. The paperwork for students officially withdrawing temporarily or permanently from LIM College must be returned to the Office of the Registrar prior to the beginning of that semester.

The withdrawal process is not complete until the Office of the Registrar has received the signed forms. Ceasing to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal from class(es) or the institution. The official date of withdrawal is determined by date the form is returned to the Office of the Registrar not the date the process was begun.



How do I change my address?

LIM College periodically sends you important information through the mail. It is very important that we have your most updated address and phone number. We keep one primary address on file to send all mail (grades, bills, etc.) to. If you’d like your tuition bill to be mailed to a different address (i.e., parents or sponsor), you may add a billing address. You can change your primary address online through your SONIS account or fill out a Change of Address Form in-person. You must come into the Office of the Registrar to add a billing address.


How can I verify my enrollment?

You need to verify your enrollment with the Office of the Registrar. Examples of those times are for medical insurance purposes, the NJ Transit Student Monthly Pass Program and student loan deferments. The Office of the Registrar can verify in writing your full or part-time status, matriculation, primary address, expected date of graduation and periods of attendance. We create an official letter with an official signature and school seal or we complete a pre-filled out form that you supply. Verification can only be done for one semester at a time and only after the first week of classes. 


How do I request a transcript?

A transcript is an official printout of your courses and grades at LIM College. It also contains information on any degree(s) you earn here. Transcripts are printed on security paper, signed, stamped and sent in a sealed envelope. You may request a copy of your transcript while enrolled at LIM College or at any time in the future. There is a small fee assessed for producing a transcript and all transcripts produced by the Office of the Registrar are official transcripts. You can print an unofficial transcript to represent your academic history from your online SONIS account. 


When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 6-8 weeks after the diploma is conferred, which occurs on the following dates: January 31, May 31, and August 31.



Enrollment Verification Request Form
Online Transcript Request
Course Waiver Form